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A. Your furniture will be scheduled for delivery as it is received into our distribution center. If you are unable to accept delivery of the items we have received, your order will be shipped when it is complete. We will warehouse your complete order for 30 days at no charge. After the 30 days is complete, you will be charged 2% of the total order cost per month as a warehousing fee for you furniture.
B. Please make sure we have all available phone numbers to contact you for delivery. A traffic representative may leave a message requesting a return call to discuss scheduling a delivery. If they are unable to contact you, they will attempt to deliver your furniture on the next available delivery to your area.
C. Delivery will be made by a two-man team trained to set up your furniture. If an item is 350 pounds or more, it will be your responsibility to supply additional help. The delivery personnel will unload, uncrate and place the furniture in the requested room setting. Normal setup includes attaching mirror supports, reversing drawer hardware, assembling beds, and dining room tables. They are not equipped to hang mirrors or art on walls or level furniture on carpet. Please have the space cleared for your furniture. It is your responsibility to not the size and dimensions of the furniture you have ordered. Alpha & Omega will not be responsible for furniture that is too large to go into a room, hallway, doorway, entrance passage or stairwell. If it is difficult or impossible to place, maneuver or fit a piece of furniture by a two-man team due to conditions in your home, the consumer is responsible for providing additional placement assistance. Alpha & Omega will not be responsible for damage to your home that results from your request of us to attempt placement in difficult conditions. Delivery personnel will require that you sign a waiver before any attempt is made in difficult situations that risk damage to your home and the furniture being delivered. If placement in the requested area is not feasible, our delivery personnel will place the furniture in an accessible area of your home. Furniture that you have ordered that is too large to fit into your home is not the responsibility of Alpha & Omega and cannot be returned or cancelled.
D. Deliveries will be scheduled 2 days to 1 week in advance of the delivery date. Deliveries will be assigned a four (4) hour time from (ex. 7a-11a) ranging from 7am until 10pm. We cannot guarantee specific times for delivery. Please arrange to have a designated person available to inspect and accept delivery if you cannot be present. If no one is home when we attempt to deliver per the scheduled date and time, you will be charge a re-delivery fee. We cannot be responsible if conditions beyond our control arise which prevent the delivery from being made at the scheduled time.
E. Furniture cartons will be flattened and packaging material will be placed in a box. Disposal of these items is the consumer's responsibility.
F. Delivery personnel are not responsible for the installation or connection of electronic equipment in the furniture being delivered.
G. The standard delivery vehicle is an 18 wheel tractor or 35' straight furniture delivery truck. If is the consumer's responsibility to inform us prior to delivery if the location to be delivered cannot accept a specific delivery vehicle. Deliveries that cannot be made due to vehicle size or access restriction will be billed as delivered. If a delivery is possible with another vehicle, re-delivery will be made and an additional delivery fee will be charged.

Upon delivery, please inspect your furniture thoroughly. In the event of damage, please note it on the bill of laden, and notify Alpha & Omega Customer Service Department. The delivery personnel are trained to do minor repairs and touch up. Should a question arise, contact our customer service department. If there is a question concerning quality that cannot be resolved at the point of delivery then with a customer service representative's approval, only the item in question will be returned to the Distribution Center for inspection by a factory representative. If the item is not to manufacturer standards, the item will be repaired to manufacturer standards or replace the item. You will not be charged a re-delivery fee unless the item returned is considered to be up to manufacturer standards. Quality issues not noted at delivery will be reviewed under factory warranty guidelines. Normal wear and tear does not constitute damage.

Delivery charges are in addition to the furniture cost. Delivery charges will be determined based on the item weight and distance required for delivery to your specified city. Upstairs, downstairs, and freight elevator deliveries may require an additional charge. Ferry transport fees associated with the delivery will be at the consumer's expense.

This information will help you understand the various procedures the order goes through while in our care. You can see that it is basically a 15-step process. Customers can normally expect delivery within 5-10 business days after we take possession of the goods. Within a 24-hour period after arriving at our facility, customer are called and given a tentative delivery window and can expect a follow up call with the exact delivery date and time, all shipments are received into our warehouse, visually inspected and assigned a physical warehouse location. Once these steps are completed, the shipment is entered into out tracking system. At this point, customers logging onto our web-site ( and simply entering their phone number (xxx-xxx-xxxx) will have easy access to all vital information regarding their order. This enables the customer to verify their address, phone number and the items being shipped. All deliveries are planned from both a geographical and logistical viewpoint by our traffic department. During this process, specific dates and times are assigned for the intended delivery. All customers are notified within 24 hours of the delivery. At this time, they are given a specific date and time to expect our delivery personnel. At this point, the customer can either accept or decline delivery. If the customer accepts our delivery schedule, we ask that they be available by phone or pager throughout the specified delivery period (example: Monday, 04/21/06 between 8am-12noon). The final step in the delivery process is the truck actually arriving at the customer's home to install and assemble the furniture wherever the customer requests with minimal inconvenience.

Here is a list which provides step-by-step instruction "at a glance" for your convenience:
1. Alpha & Omega is notified by factory or retailer store to pickup order(s).
2. Order(s) received at our facility, visually inspected, tagged, and located.
3. Customer will be pre-called and given a tentative delivery window as to when his furniture will be delivered.
4. Order(s) information entered into inventory/tracking system (available on our website within 24 hour period)
5. Order(s) routed for delivery
6. Order(s) called with specific day and four hour time-frame for delivery
7. Consumers are allowed 24-48 hours to confirm delivery date and time. At this time, unspecified schedule adjustments may be made to accommodate conflicts (at Alpha & Omega's discretion)
8. Confirmation deadline is enforced and trip manifest is posted on web-site.
9. All confirmed orders for trip are pulled and furniture is inspected
10. Trucks are loaded and dispatched to delivery regions.
11. Trucks arrive at destination and furniture is placed inside homes.
12. Drivers un-carton, assemble, and place furniture where customer requests.
13. Trucks return to terminal. All trip-related paperwork is turned in to our customer service department in order for any specific problems to be handled expediently. Stores are then informed of completed deliveries.
14. Any repair work or problems with damaged furniture is handled by our in house repair expert and quickly rescheduled for delivery.

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